Vers le youkali :

Vers le Youkali is a reflection on space. A journey to Utopia.

The journey is here similar to an escape, a silencious escape.
The forest is a shelter, a garantee of solitude.
The theorem is unreadable, written with a typing machine without ink.
The theorem tells the impossibility to reach utopic spaces.

Vers le Youkali, is introduced by a Musical Piece performed on child’s instruments.
The piece comes from Olivier Messian’s Quatuor pour la fin des temps.
Infiniment lent, extatique.

Slowness and repetition in the musical work, added to the screach of the interpretation remove all
the virtuosity to render a haunting work, coinciding perfectly with the figure of the escape and the
impossibility of the quest for a perfect space.

entrace (indifferenced space) the refuge where there is no horizon edge #1 edge #1 untitled untitled invisible theorem (+ detail) wave #1 wave #2 the island blue horizon #1 blue horizon #2 blue horizon #3